[Spce-user] PAI && PPI bug ?

Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana rabs at dimension-virtual.com
Mon Apr 15 12:46:26 EDT 2013

Hi all,

We are facing some problems with PAI and PPI headers on 2.8 SPCE, we
have a subscriber who have a range of DDI, we have set that DDI's as

At domain level we have:

inbound_upn -> P-Preferred-Identity
outbound_from_user -> UPRN or NpN
outbound_from_display -> none
outbound_pai_user -> UPRN or NpN
outbound_ppi_user -> none

At subscriber level all is set to 'use domain defaults'

Also subscriber have a cli value different from the ones that are on
the allowed_cli

With that options, what we get on a call from the subscriber to the
carriers is:

From: {allowed_cli} <{subscriber_username}@{domain}>
P-Asserted-Identity: <{cli}@{domain}>

With SPCE 2.7 we get:

From: {allowed_cli} <{allowed_cli}@{domain}>
P-Asserted-Identity: <{allowed_cli}@{domain}>

On the proxy.log we get the required checks ... and
subscriber_sended_cli is validated agains allowed_cli ... but at the
end NpN is used for the P-Asserted-Identity instead of the PPI that
the subscriber sends and that gets validated and allowed.

It's this intentional? ...

Appart from this ... there is any way on the admin-panel-settings to
setup HOW that headers should be sended depending on the destination
gw ?

Best regards
Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana
Dimensión Virtual S.L.

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