[Spce-user] Rewrite Question

Martin Wong martin.wong at binaryelements.com.au
Fri Apr 19 01:36:55 EDT 2013


I got a peer registered with authentication, so had to change the
reg_agent.conf.tt2 per the doc.

All good and I can see the calls coming in when I do a ngrep

Problem is that this provider doesn't send the numbers over as E.164
Number. Instead, it just leaves the country code out.

I tried to capture this via the Inbound Caller Rewrite Rules but it seems
that the number is not getting parsed through that. I've ensured the peer
is using the correct rewrite rule set but still no go.

I suspect that it's not getting parsed through there.

I was also trying to update the Alias numbers in the subscriber but it only
accepts the E.164 format.

Any idea what I can do here?
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