[Spce-user] sip:provider CE v2.8 released

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 21:46:31 EDT 2013


> Most probably kamailio 4.0 will be present in spce 3.X . Can't say the version
> though. We have roadmap for the following 100 years and the priorities change
> from release to release.

  Good enough for me. Just eager for webrtc to reach spce. Hundred 
years?...are you sure that's all? ;)

> We still plan to release every 3 months. There will be no backports to older
> releases. Our plans are the same as always: World domination.

  You mean like; one boat, one team, one focus? I have a ticket, says 
'skyler' on it. Good for you?

> Regarding releases, our idea at the moment is to release 4 times per year and
> one of those will be declared LTS with 3 years of support. "Normal" releases
> will have 6 month support. No backports, just security and bugfixes to released
> versions, including LTS.

  Sounds great, looking forward to sticking 2.8 where I need it and not 
having to think of 3-month upgrades. Very exciting.

> At the moment we were supporting the releases for around 1 year and updating
> our commercially supported clients once per year at least. This new
> support/release format will help those ones willing to keep a working release
> for more time, will also allow people to upgrade once per year from lts to lts
> and will still allow people willing to have the most recent features to upgrade
> every three months. Every release is suitable for production environment.
> Normal verions won't be "test" versions. Releasing a trunk installer is also an
> idea we're developing.

  Again the lts-to-lts, I like that. Makes BSS managers at ease in ANY 
environment. Of course, all releases are production ready, that keeps 
spce and pro on the OTT track. Ready for any level and always stable.

> LTS won't be a more stable version. It will be just like the others but with
> longer support. Stability is achieved by automated testing (done for every
> release) and customer/community support. Here, LTS will have longer lifetime
> and more bugreports will be sent.

  Perfect. IMHO that is what was missing in the past.

> We'll see how this works out. As always, you feedback is welcomed!
> cheers,
> Jon
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