[Spce-user] get date of subscriber termination?

Gavin Sweet gavin.sweet at skyracktelecom.com
Thu Apr 4 03:46:53 EDT 2013

Hi folks - any thoughts on finding that mod date when subscriber status
becomes terminated?

We were thinking about adding a db trigger on the billing table to write the
date somewhere else (a new table I guess) when there is an update to a row
to change status to Terminated.


But it doesn't feel very upgrade safe.? Anyone got any advice regarding
this, I assume sometimes that tables are altered in new releases?






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Hi all - 


I want to collect data with some simple sql of create and (modify and)
terminate for a subscriber.


I've been through most of the tables I could see that maintain subscriber
data . 

Is there an additional table other than billing.voip_subscribers and
provisioning.voip_subscribers that persist the state of a subscriber,
specifically where I can find when a subscriber was terminated?


There are create and modify timestamps for active subscribers in
provisioning.voip_subscribers but not for terminated subscribers.

Terminated subscriber details can be seen in billing.voip_subscribers but
there are no timestamps.


Am I missing something?





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