[Spce-user] Database Question (CDRs) v2.6

Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Thu Apr 4 10:35:41 EDT 2013

Thanks Jon for the response, this particular server is in production but I plan on testing this with a backup server with the same configuration so I will be able to increase the debug level and have a better answer for you.  I don’t think I will get to it today but I will notify the list once I do.

Thank you

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> Thank you for the response Aníbal, I was thinking about scrubbing the 
> CDR’s also just as you have done in the past.
> We are on a dedicated quad Xeon with 32G ram for the Sipwise 
> installation and it is still happening.
> I also understand that we are now a couple of revisions behind as we 
> are on
> 2.6 but we have not completed our testing of upgrading yet.
> Thank you again for your quick reply and information.   Outside of us
> scrubbing the CDR’s when we find the issue we can post it for all to review.

Please Anibal and Kevin

If your system is not in production environment with high load, please increase the debug level of kamailio-proxy and send us the logs of a call with duplicated cdr. We would need to check if the acc marks where introduced twice or if there's any error in kamailio-mysql communication.



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