[Spce-user] How can I configure ring group?

David Ho rea1ity at kaist.ac.kr
Sat Apr 6 23:37:47 EDT 2013


May I hope the parallel ring groups(also this feature called variables like "hunt group" and "team call") will support next version?
And could I use the parallel ring groups if I modified configure file in sipwise server it version is 2.8?
If yes, please let me know what is configure file modified.


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On 04/06/2013 12:48 PM, David Ho wrote:

> How can I configure ring group on SIPWISE?


> I refered document but I couldn't found about it.


> There have Call Forwards feature it could configure sequence type call

> but I want to configure ring group.


> Please let me know how could I configured ring group.

In 2.8 you can't configure parallel ring groups. You can do serial 

hunting, and you can register multiple endpoints for a single subscriber 

for parallel forking, but you can't fork a call to multiple parallel 

subscribers from a single subscriber.



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