[Spce-user] Transit Carrier/Provider Billing

Deon Vermeulen vermeulen.deon at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 02:55:10 EDT 2013

Thanks for the detailed guide.

I've setup pretty much everything, but I'm missing one piece I just 
can't seem to grasp, Aliases.

I need to be abel to have a Alias for +44 only and just not able to do that.
The Alias field requires a longer prefix.

Is there any way I can achieve the above?

Thanks again.

Kind Regards

> Jon Bonilla (Manwe) <mailto:jbonilla at sipwise.com>
> April 18, 2013 11:54 PM
> El Mon, 15 Apr 2013 14:31:41 +0100
> Hi Deon
> I have talked to you in private but for the history of the mailing 
> list I'll
> put an answer here:
> That's what we call the "transit switch scenario". You have your class5
> scenario with your end users but you also want to provide pstn access 
> to other
> operators.
> The ngcp system can do this but it lacks of the feature you ask: The 
> provider
> does not have the capability to bill/rate peers. It can only bill/rate
> subscribers.
> There's a workaround for this: If I have operator A and B which are 
> the ones I
> want to charge and give them and operators C and D are "real peers" which
> provide me pstn access and I won't charge them then I create operators 
> A and B
> as subscribers instead of peers.
> If you have deployed a spce system, imagine this:
> - I create the subscriber "operator_A at mydomain.com"
> - I asign that operator's E164 blocks as E164 numbers and aliases. 
> (Each E164
> number you asign to a subscriber is a block actually). Even if I need to
> asign thousands of block
> - I allow that operator to send any callerid by allowing all in the
> allowed_clis preference of the subscriber
> - I create a fake registration so that operator won't register against 
> the spce
> but the spce will send the calls to that operator's ip address
> - I use the trusted_source preference so that operator doesn't need to
> authenticate the calls if the source is that ip address.
> That way, what you have created is a subscriber with thousands of number
> blocks, no register, no authentication... which is what you would need 
> to route
> calls from/to operator. What you get creating this operator as subscriber
> instead of peer is:
> - Calls made from this operator to another subscriber or peer can be 
> rated.
> This is why we do it like this.
> - You have more preferences in a subscriber like ncos, call_barring 
> which are
> not present at peer level
> - The operator can only have 1 ip address as we will use fake_register and
> point to one address
> - You don't make use of the transit_switch scenario as no peer-to_peer 
> calls
> are made. This is still the class5 scenario.
> For operators C and D which are your carriers, the ones you wouldn't 
> charge,
> create them as peers as usual.
> I don't know if at some point we'll develop peer accounting but this 
> way is
> working fine for us so there is no hurry. The difference between a 
> subscriber
> and a peer nowadays is "Do you want to charge him"?
> cheers,
> Jon
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> Deon Vermeulen <mailto:vermeulen.deon at gmail.com>
> April 15, 2013 2:31 PM
> Hi,
> Is it possible to do Carrier Transit Billing with SPCE?
> We currently we have 3 local Peers and 2 International Peers.
> The International Peers want to route to the 3 local connected peers.
> We have to Bill these International Peers for calls traversing our 
> network.
> Thank you very much.
> Kind Regards
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