[Spce-user] rewrite rule to add prefix to call

Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Thu Apr 25 14:39:24 EDT 2013

Good afternoon Jeremie, perhaps it might help if you placed it under the


Sip Peerings -> Peering Servers for that provider -> Peering Rules ->


Once under Peering Rules place 3333 in the Callee Prefix and nothing in
Callee Pattern, Caller Pattern and just place a simple description for
your records in the last field.


This should take any call that is being dialed with 3333 and send it to
that SIP Peering



Now, if you are asking from the PBX side, let me know which version it
is and I can provide you with the Prepend Rule.


Under the dial pattern to match, setup up the first field with 3333 and
send it to the sipwise in that manner.  It will add 3333 to any dialed






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A certain carrier is wanting me to prefix calls with 3333 to route to  a
specific carrier.  is there a rewrite rule that someone could help me
with that would automatically add that prefix on all outgoing calls.


Jeremie Chism
Triton Communications 

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