[Spce-user] Order that costs are applied to CDR

Bob Fryer bob at netintegrity.com.au
Wed Jul 3 01:00:09 EDT 2013

First of all thank you for all the clear answers (from all posters). 

However one answer that I can't find is the order or methodology in which the Billing Fee's are applied. 

As an example (using a simple regex), using Argentina, as you will note that they have similar prefixes for both Landline and Mobile.

Argentina  	  	001154.     $0.55
Argentina Mobile 	0011541151. $1.00

I am assuming this is also the order that they are written into the database (e.g. in the order that you import).

Now if I dial a number 001154115XXXX, my expectation is that SIPWise will go through each rate line in order, and it will match on 001154. and apply the first rate, or does it match the more exact match first.



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