[Spce-user] Feature Request: disable a peering host

John Murray john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
Wed Jul 3 09:21:06 EDT 2013


Can I second that and add a 'disable inbound' feature for peers.

I can stop sending to a peer by removing any 'peering rules' or prefixes but
cannot stop calls being sent to me.
I often have 'Outbound only' peers and have suffered from (accidental
miss-configuration by the peer) DoS.
Or if I want to do enable peer relay for some peers but not for others.

Many thanks


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it would be nice if the admin webinterface exposed a possibility to disable
a peeringhost.

the best way to rapidly disable a (misbehaving) peering host currently is by
deleting it - but then the valuable and possibly complicated configuration
is lost.


kind regards

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