[Spce-user] A little help please

Paul pasha at prosperity4ever.com
Fri Jul 12 11:59:29 EDT 2013


You are correct. I caught that right after I sent this message, when I was
following the manual to get a sip peering (register a trunk) it told me to
edit reg_agent.tt2 as doing it from the GUI wasn't enough. I removed those
entries causing the errors and am attempting to register my trunk and not
sure where I'm encountering my problem, any helps GREATLY appreciated as
I'm getting a little frustrated... wayy to much new config to learn :)

Here's my situation:

- Trunk @ my provider with DID
- I edited reg_agent.tt2 and added
- domain=provider.trunk.domain.com
- user = <username provided for me by provider>
- pass = <same as above>
- left the other lines untouched

I also have this trunk entered in Sip Peering in the GUI but to be honest
can't get a clear understanding in what the connection is between them,
and maybe that's why this isn't working.

Currently when I dial my DID from my cell it hits kamailio, I see the call
coming in, logs end with "Performing normal inbound routing", so the call
should continue to a user I have assigned the incoming DID to, and that
user is a trunk registered on one of my PBXs down the line (FreeSwitch).

My Freeswitch never gets the call as I'm monitoring the logs. So my guess
then (if kamailio isn't denying the call) is that the ReWrite rules aren't
compatible with the format the call is coming in on?

Call comes in as a 10 digit (north america) NXX-NXX-NXXX what ReWrite
rules would convert it to E.164 (which I believe ngcp is expecting?) so
that it continues getting routed properly? And would I add this rule under
Inbound Callee or Caller? I'm assuming Caller?

Thanks again for your quick response!


On Fri, July 12, 2013 1:04 am, Andreas Granig wrote:
> Hi,
> On 07/12/2013 04:39 PM, Paul wrote:
>> Forgive my noob question, I have near 0 experience with ngcp. I keep
>> getting the following errors in my logs and can't figure out where it's
>> coming from, I have nothing in Sip Peerings that isn't working, but
>> this keeps repeating every second in my logs. Not sure where these
>> requests are coming form.
> Looks like you've configured either peer_auth_* preferences for one of
> your subscribers, or you've configured peer registration in your
> reg_agent.tt2 of sems? Can you show us what you put there?
> Andreas
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