[Spce-user] Statistics Not Working

John Murray john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
Wed Jul 24 21:46:01 EDT 2013

This problem occurred for me last October with 'Daylight saving' change and
started working again in March with change back.

I guess the problem is timezone change.



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When i click on statistics under information all I see is loading.. where
the graphs are suppose to be. I have installed multiple instances of Sipwise
at two different hosts, Vr.org, digitalocean.com and it works fine
immediately after install on on vr.org (which i don't want to use) but will
not work on digital ocean after multiple install attempts. Everything else
works fine but the statistics just get stuck on loading. Has anyone
encountered this before ? Is there some steps i need to take to get this to
work and if so can someone point me in the right direction ? 

Thank you
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