[Spce-user] ngcp-www-csc Addressbook

Marc Storck mstorck at voipgate.com
Thu Jun 6 13:22:40 EDT 2013

Good evening,

I've found that when adding records to the addressbook via the CSC web
interface, the NGCP always prefixes phone numbers within the same country
code (or entered in national format e.g. 23456789) with a 0 regardless of
the Rewrite Rule Set defined for the domain/user. This default behaviour
causes problems in countries where the trunk prefix
(Verkehrsausscheidungsziffer) is not 0 (NANPA Countries (US, Canada,
Bermuda, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, Guam, American
Samoa, Sint Marteen), Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia) or where no
trunk prefix is used (Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy (the
eventual 0 is part of the phone number and must be included when
dialling), Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
San Marino (see Italy), Spain, Vatican City (see Italy).

(The call forward and call barring seems to be unaffected as the numbers
are stored in E164 format.)

I'm not sure how this can be solved. Eventually the "inbound rewrite rules
for callee" for the domain's/user's Rewrite Rule Set could be used to
validate the number entered into the addressbook against the Match
Pattern. If any pattern matches, the number is stored unmodified and
considered valid, unless it is possible to store these numbers in E164 as

Best regards, Marc
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