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Thu May 2 06:22:02 EDT 2013

El Thu, 18 Apr 2013 12:47:33 +0200
Theo <axessofficetheo at gmail.com> escribió:

> Hi Daniel

Hi Theo
> Got you on that one! Thanks, I will play some more with that.
> It doesn't however (I think) address my 2nd issue. This issue is not
> related to wanting to assign a peer to a suscriber - in this scenario I
> wouldn't want to do that. Here I am just looking at adding caller patterns
> to a peer. Say as follows.
> We interconnect with carrier A, B and C.
> Carrier A - prefix is 067 so all calls starting with that will be sent there
> Carrier B - prefix is 068 so all calls starting with that will be sent there
> Carrier C - prefix is 069 so all calls starting with that will be sent there

Actually, there's no E164 number string with 0 :) Remember to always work in
that format. 

> So far so good.
> number 067 141 3124 would ordinarily be sent to Carrier A. However, that
> number no longer belongs to Carrier A because its owner has moved to
> Carrier B, keeping his number. We will now need to send that number to
> Carrier B, instead of Carrier A. It still fits the pattern for Carrier A
> though as well so how do I make sure it will NOT go through Carrier A? And
> is there a way of importing all those numbers that no longer belong to
> carrier A even though the 067 prefix would indicate they do? Ideally we
> would need to update this list daily as people move across to other
> carriers daily as well, but probably more realistically we'd want to do
> this once a week or so.

You can add the numbers to carrier A, B, C via the provisioning interface. This
is not perfect though. remember that you're dealing with block and porting a
number is just porting a larger block. I've seen this being used in the
provider but never with more than 50.000 blocks in a single carrier. I don't
know what the performance would be with millions of ported block.

What we do in these cases is add a LNP (local number portability) db where
millions of numbers can be stored and the routing decisions are checked there
before using the generic ones. 

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