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The screen shots need to be more clear in both the PDF and HTTP versions. Perhaps offering realistic information would help, IE: Not just saying testuser, but an example of what someone would really put there. That would help a newbie understand the purpose of a given field better. Some areas you do, but not others. For example SIP URI (new concept to me) vs. phone number vs. username. I've always just used the phone number as the username.

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> I'm just setting it up now. I've used Asterisk (pre-1.2 aka flat files, no
> gui help) and a few Asterisk based systems over the years, so I at least have
> the basics of VoIP down. The install was much more pleasant than PBX in a
> Flash. That asks a million unnecessary questions and takes forever.
> Thus far my commentary on the setup is thorough, but very confusing. Very
> little of the terminology used makes sense to me. I am forging ahead through
> the setup, but I'm not sure what I'm doing or how the pieces fit together.
> Maybe I'll understand better once it's running, but for now...  I'm lost.

Well, the installation process is quite unattended as you've seen. The Handbook
gives you an overview of what you have but also a quick start guide. Follow it
and try to understand the terms behind it. Don't try to think in "pbx" terms
because the spce is not a pbx or an asterisk system.

Ask here when you get stucked. And you can always ask for a personal
training/webinar to our sales team. We're organizing trainings in several
countries too.



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