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Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Thu May 9 10:21:36 EDT 2013

Good morning, if you are looking to force the outbound caller ID of the subscriber make sure you have the DID in the e.164 number field.

That should force the outbound caller ID to be that number.


For clients that have multiple outbound caller ID leave out the e.164 subscriber number and place all the numbers in the alias area instead.





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On 9 May 2013 13:30, Martin Wong <martin.wong at binaryelements.com.au> wrote:



	I am testing a few subscribers. 


	One is from a normal sip phone ... the fromuser at xx.xx.xx.xx is the correct CLI set, therefore the caller ID is correctly displayed at the end point device as it goes through the downstream provider.


	The other is an asterisk box. Even though the CLI is set in the SPCE portal, it comes up as something else in the fromuser at xx.xx.xx.xx


	I would like to force the CLI no matter what the asterisk box is giving out.





I think you want to set user_cli in the subscriber's preferences:


user_cli: SIP username (the localpart of the whole SIP URI, eg., "user" of SIP URI "user at example.com"). "user-provided calling line identification" - specifies the SIP username that is used for outgoing calls. If set, this is put in the SIP "From" header (as user-provided calling number) if a client sends a CLI which is not allowed by "allowed_clis" or if "allowed_clis" is not set.



Hope this helps.




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