[Spce-user] Duplicating Sipwise question

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Wed May 29 16:28:47 EDT 2013

If your 3 boxes are in the same timezone, you might consider DB 
replication. There has been some discussion regarding master-master 
replication in the past. One of which is here:



On 5/29/2013 11:38 AM, Kevin Masse wrote:
> Hello, I have been looking over the threads and I cannot find in one
> area where it is discussed on how to duplicate the Sipwise to another
> server and have everything required to operate and take calls.
> I have followed the following:
> Installed 2.7 on second and third machine
> Performed the following on original server
> 	mysqldump -p --databases billing provisioning kamailio
> accounting carrier ngcp sipstats > /tmp/backup.sql
> 	Copied  config.yml and network.yml
> Move the data from original server to second and third server
> 	mysql -p < /tmp/backup.sql
> 	Placed config.yml and network.yml into second and third server
> Edited the network.yml in second and third server to match requirement
> on public IP for second and third server
> To be sure everything was clean, I rebooted and was able to load the IP
> addresses :1443 and all the data is exactly how it should be.
> My only issue is I cannot process calls.
> Without posting all kinds of screen captures, etc. I can confirm that
> all services are running without any error but not able to process
> calls.
> Question:  With the information posted above is anything missing from
> what I copied over to the second and third servers?
> Question: Is this process documented in a previous thread that I should
> go over?
> Thanks
> Kevin
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