[Spce-user] Rewrite rules

Rogier Banis rogier at ningaloo.nl
Tue Oct 29 09:41:41 EDT 2013

Hi y’all,

I don’t quite understand something on the rewrite rules on a Peer.
My PBX behind the SBCE is connected thru a peer. On that peer i have defined number manipulation by rewrite rules.

Now a call from my PBX comes to sbce. It is from a user directly registered to the pbx to a user that is registered thru the SBCE. In my Proxy logs i see the following:

Oct 29 14:34:35 sbc proxy[3661]: NOTICE: <script>: New request - M=INVITE R=sip:0009*201 at 11.222.333.444:5060;uuid=3ecb8269-9d87-4e3e-9971-781ed2883b25 F=sip:231 at 55.666.77.888 T=sip:0009*201 at 55.666.77.888:5060 IP=55.666.77.888:5060 ( ID=2f7b937e4d783aa428c3cb944d7843d3 at 55.666.77.888:5050

Now i have a Rewrite Rule Incoming Callee on the peer with the following details:
Match Pattern: @11\.222\.333\.444
Replacement Pattern: @sbc.host.name

The Subscriber 0009*201 is registered to the sbce with this domain sbc.host.name

So it looks like that the ipaddress in the request is not replaced with the domain name. How can i make this happen?

Thank you very much..

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