[Spce-user] security bans / 403 Errror

Pascal Schwarz sipwise.support at mtkom.de
Fri Aug 1 09:41:14 EDT 2014

Hy All,

i have setup a sip_provider_CE_mr3.3.2_virtualbox.ova .
i have configured 616 Subscribers.
All 616 Subscribers are automatic configured from me so the username and 
password of client and Server 100% the same and works.
All 616 Subscribers ar FritzBox from AVM mostly 7360 7270 and 7390 .

every h i can check the security bans and see that there are  Subscribers.
I now that at FritzBox and and the spce the same password and username so 
i don't understand why so mutch Subscribers will bee there .

i i delete them from security bans the fritbox works fine but without any
changes some of this Subscribers will bee back some houre later to ban.

At the logile of the AVM FritzBOx7270 i see there are often problems:

  29.07.14      27 x 403 error
  30.07.14     164 x 403 error
  01.08.14      35 x 403 error

bevor i use sip_provider_CE_mr3.3.2_virtualbox.ova i use asterisks there
i have no problems with the FritzBod autorisation.
Thas not only one fritzbox . I see this Problem at alle FritzBox .

Any One any Idee what i can do to fix this problem ?

Pascal Schwarz

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