[Spce-user] mr3.4.1 sems: "no matching Contact - deregistered" / kamailio-lb contact (un)masking

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Mon Aug 25 07:40:19 EDT 2014

Arjan, we are going to create the new release mr3.4.2 with that fix.
While it may take a day or two to do so, please try this package:
Install with dpkg -i and it should resolve your problem with upstream

On 08/25/2014 10:54 AM, Andrew Pogrebennyk wrote:
> On 08/24/2014 07:27 PM, Arjan Hakkesteegt wrote:
>> > 
>> > I'm still trying to get the hang of all the logic in the kamailio.cfg
>> > routing and I have no idea of all the SIP scenarios involved, but in
>> > general I would expect that for incoming messages to the loadbalancer
>> > that have ngcpct set, kamailio should unmask the contact. Or is that too
>> > simplistic?
> That's right, for incoming _requests_ with RURI: ngcpct@ kamailio should
> unmask the contact URI from RURI. There is no such manipulation required
> for the 200 OK response from the UA however.
> The problem you are having really looks like the sems bug that Jon is
> talking about. The fix however is only in our development trunk and not
> in the mr3.4.1 release. I am going to backport it right now and will
> reply again when we are good to test.
> Andrew

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