[Spce-user] How to Fix the RTP Engine SDP Rewriting direction.

Mahmoud Ramadan Ali cisco.and.more.blog at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 10:09:23 EST 2014

Hi Dears,
I'm working on integrating the rtpengine to work with Kamailio as RTP proxy
and i have successfully configured the rtpengine in multi home mode to
proxy the media and rewrite the SDP message whenever it passes trough the
Kamailio internal interface to the external interface and vice versa using
this command.

root at debian:/usr/local/etc/kamailio# rtpengine
--interface=Kamailio-Internal/ --interface=Kamailio-External/ --listen-ng=

Also i have configured the "i" and "e" flags in the route[NATMANAGE] to
take care of the SDP rewriting direction the same way it worked before with
my rtpproxy module configuration.

But the issue now is that whenever i make a call from the external to the
internal the rtpengine can NOT detect the right direction as colored in red
below so my question now is : How to set the direction of the rtpengine to
designate that the interface is the external and
is the internal ?

Dec 16 09:28:09 debian rtpengine[4714]: Got valid command from offer - { "sdp": "v=0#015#012o=- 13063213690566395 1 IN
IP4 release 4.7.1 stamp 74247#015#012c=IN IP4 0#015#012m=audio 56078 RTP/AVP 125 100 0 9 8
101#015#012a=rtpmap:125 opus/48000/2#015#012a=fmtp:125
useinbandfec=1#015#012a=rtpmap:100 speex/16000#015#012a=rtpmap:101
telephone-event/8000#015#012a=fmtp:101 0-15#015#012a=sendrecv#015#012",
"direction": [ "internal", "external" ], "flags": [ "asymmetric",
"trust-address", "symmetric" ], "replace": [ "session-connection", "orig ...

Best Regards and Thanks in advance.
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