[Spce-user] [Spce-dev] ASterisk version on latest 3.x builds

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Sun Jul 20 08:43:31 EDT 2014

Asterisk is patched by us and serves basically voicemail, furthermore it just listens on localhost.
Don't see any risk frankly.


On 20 Jul 2014 14:26, "Leon D. Zetekoff" <wa4zlw at backwoodswireless.net> wrote:
> Hi there! We are looking at this to deploy but we noticed the asterisk 
> is 1.4 which is very old and end of life. What is the reason for this as 
> we need latest Asterisk like version 18 minimally to deploy. 
> We notice that the Kamalio version is right up there and very recent but 
> this is a potentially big risk to take with such an old version of asterisk. 
> Sorry for cross-posting but need to try and get this to most folks 
> quickly so I can get an answer and report back. 
> THanks leon 
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