[Spce-user] Faxing T.38

Martin Stix ms at pluteus.at
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No I don't filter sdp.
Just before the upgrade it worked.
Right after not.
No changes on gateways, also carrier didn't change things.
Just massively in trouble because lots of fax users ;-)

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Looks like either a bug before or after the update.  If you changed nothing else.. Are you sure you aren't filtering sdp before updating and now in 3.2 is respecting your setting?

On 08 Jul 2014 11:06 AM, "Martin Stix" <ms at pluteus.at<mailto:ms at pluteus.at>> wrote:

Has anything changed from 3.2 to 3.3.1?

We are no longer able to terminate T.38 in and outgoing.

Shouldn't there be T.38 in Reinvite? It now shows g711U.
>From client to sipwise it states T.38.

If nothing changed I have to bother my carrier.

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