[Spce-user] Problem with Caller ID Caller in outbound calls

John Murray john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
Wed Jul 9 10:12:38 EDT 2014



Do you have a P-Asserted-Identity (PAI) header set?

Most carriers will take that over what is in the From: field.






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Unfortunately still not the correct result. CallerID still presented as
+0201111111. Here the 3 rules i have now under Outbound Rewrite Rules for



Match: ^0([1-9]+)$

Replacement: 31\1

Description: Change 0XXXX to 31XXXX

Match: ^(?:06)

Replacement: 316

Description: 316

Match: ^([1-9][0-9]+)$

Replacement: 31\1

Description: 3188




Op 9 jul. 2014, om 15:54 heeft John Murray <john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
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Roger hi,


I think you need:

Match Pattern: ^0([1-9]+)$

Replacement pattern: 31\1






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Hello list,


On a peer i need to create a rewrite rule for the caller ID of the caller.
In this case a call comes in to our PBX and gets forwarded to a trunk. The
incoming callerid of the caller is like 0201111111. This needs to be
rewritten to 31201111111

In my rewrite rules for the trunk i created the following rule under
outbound rewrite rules for caller:


Match Pattern: ^(0[1-9]+)$

Replacement pattern: 31\1


As you might suspect this doesn't work otherwise i wouldn't be mailing this
list ;)) The CallerID gets presented on the final receiver phone as


Can you please shine some light on this rewrite rule?


Any help is highly appreciated.


With best regards,


Rogier Banis


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the Netherlands 

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