[Spce-user] Right way to move existing CE install to a fresh new install

Martin Stix ms at pluteus.at
Thu Jul 31 06:53:59 EDT 2014


Yes I forgot, it states:

Applying revision script /usr/share/ngcp-db-schema/db_scripts/base/0070_not_replicated.up: ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 2: Table 'acc_backup' already exists

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Didn't you forget to update DB and configs to new version?
AFAIU, you have copied them from the old system.

> To apply the latest update(s) execute:
>   apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && \
>   ngcp-update-db-schema && ngcp-update-cfg-schema && \  <--------------
>   ngcpcfg apply

Otherwise you need to check logs in folder /var/log/ngcp/ to find the reason.

On 31/07/14 10:08, Martin Stix wrote:
> I've setup a whole new machine with CE.
> Moved the existing databases except the mysql database to the new server.
> Moved config.yml, network.yml and ngcpcfg.cfg to the new server.
> Didn't move constants.yml as it contains old passwords for db's.
> Ngcpcfg applyàreboot.
> Web Interface looks right, but no SIP registrations possible, did I 
> miss an important thing?

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