[Spce-user] Prevent call forward attack

Szabó János szabojanos at nagytv.hu
Sun Mar 16 06:16:43 EDT 2014

Hi all!

Is there any way to force the call forward's number format(via regex)? I 
mean, if I want to allow only one type of patterns that users can set. 
Or is there any way to prevent the incoming calls with cfb attack? They 
come from the trusted peering server and they send a cfb status via the 
proxy, and the proxy connects two peering server of ours causing bills 
to that user. (The local user didn't set cfb neither the server, nor in 
the end-point.) I'm currently using version Sipwise 2.7, because we have 
3rd party external services which was developed for this version and we 
are currently updating our scripts to the next version.

Thank you for your help!

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