[Spce-user] Private Address in Contact - SPCE as SBC

Deon Vermeulen vermeulen.deon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 06:29:59 EDT 2014

Good Day

I’ve setup spce 2.8 as an SBC based where interconnect is a subscriber and connection back to our internal proxy is a SIP Peer.

Based on concept from http://www.sipwise.com/news/technical/byov-system-spce-as-sbc/

Just a note that it is not setup with “peer_auth_register”

Current system configuration is basic as per 2.8 manual.

Single domain  :

Default Billing with a Default route and system default “Free Default Zone” Fee.

Peer Trunk between internal proxy and spce is active.
Peer Server has “force_outbound_calls_to_peer:” enabled.

There are No rewrite Rules.

Subscriber is configured as follows:
-     Active Device Registrations:  sip:*@
-     force_outbound_calls_to_peer:		enabled
-     e164_to_ruri:	enabled
-     allow_out_foreign_domain:	enabled
-     Trusted Sources:     UDP     .*

I’ve pasted a SIP trace as well as an output of the proxy logs on pastebin:
SIP Trace     :     http://pastebin.com/0qZSJ2K1
Proxy Log     :     http://pastebin.com/aYnL9kUa

From what I can make from this is the in the Contact.
It looks like, according to the proxy logs, that it gets stripped or not recognised

[avpops_impl.c:327]: failed to parse uri
Mar 26 16:34:03 sbc01 /usr/sbin/kamailio[2258]: INFO: <script>: Load dialplan IDs for domain 'sip:3727121266@'

Unless I’m wrong is there anyone that could help me out with this?


Kind Regards 
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