[Spce-user] authentication to peers

Marc Storck mstorck at voipgate.com
Fri Mar 28 07:34:54 EDT 2014

Good afternoon,

I have created a peer for which I have defined “peer_auth_user” and “ peer_auth_pass”. Additionally I have set the “outbound_from_user” to “Peer authentication name”.

I expected that the outbound From header towards that peer would look like:

From: <sip:%peer_auth_user%@f.q.d.n>;tag=123-456-789

instead the From Header looks like this:

From: <sip:%user-provided-number%@f.q.d.n>;tag=123-456-789

Is my expectation incorrect, or do I need to modify other parameters as well?

(Please note, registration to the peer is not required and not desired)


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