[Spce-user] anonymous.invalid

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Tue Mar 4 09:00:31 EST 2014


On 03/04/2014 10:58 AM, Martin Stix wrote:
> Hi!
> Where can I define that anonymous incoming calls are not forwarded to
> clients as anonymous at anonymous.invalid
> <mailto:anonymous at anonymous.invalid>, instead as anonymous at sipdomain.com
> <mailto:anonymous at sipdomain.com>?

search for comment "override previous settings in case of CLIR"
a few lines below we set:
$var(caller_uri) = "sip:anonymous at anonymous.invalid";
feel free to change it to whatever you want..

E.g. if you have anonymous call coming from PSTN, you can hardcode the
target domain, use $rd for Request-URI domain or $avp(s:callee_domain):
$var(caller_uri) = "sip:anonymous@" + $avp(s:callee_domain);

If you have anonymous calls coming only from local users you can use
$avp(s:caller_domain_netprov) for caller's domain:
$var(caller_uri) = "sip:anonymous@" + $avp(s:caller_domain_netprov);


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