[Spce-user] CDR's problem

Pablo Muñoz-Cobo pmunoz at wisi.es
Fri May 23 11:53:42 EDT 2014

Hello guys:

It turns out that we've realize today that one of our sipwise ce servers 
has stopped working properly with the cdr's. The exporter sends its 
empty and the cdr's do not appear on the subscriber's cdrs from that day.

First i checked the rate-o-mat daemon which was down and after some 
digging and some changes on the database I managed myself  to bring it 
back up.
Once with rate-o-mat back up i executed the cdr-exporter (expecting that 
the i could see the details of each subscriber cdrs in the web of this 
last two days and that the cdr info of these two days was stored into 
one only cdr file as happened to me once and other members of list 
regarding what i read but unfortunately the cdrs of these two days are 
still missing and obviously they don't appear in the web. This is the 

SIPWISECE2:/home/jail/home/cdrexport/201405/23# /usr/sbin/cdr-exporter
+++ Start run with DB exporter at accounting to sipwise
--- Starting CDR export with id > 828269
### 0 data lines written to 
checksum is 8b95ef5133080048ee49802826a83701
### successfully moved 
::: Updated DB marks, all done.

I guess there might be some trick to export from some particular id or 
something similar. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


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