[Spce-user] peer in SBC for only one client to use (actually another system)

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Mon May 12 15:34:08 EDT 2014


On 12/05/14 16:31, Matthew Ogden wrote:
> Currently I have clients connecting to SPCE, and peers that connect me
> to the PSTN. I now have a requirement to link one of my clients who has
> 4 subscribers (which are PBXs) to overseas PBX. I cant do this directly
> since their connection does not take them to internation internet. It
> must go through my SBC. So if I am given some subscriber details, what
> is the best way to let just 4 subscribers be able to dial through to
> this peer (which is actually a remote PBX – and all its extensions

you might be able to achieve this by setting
force_inbound_calls_to_peer=1 on your subscribers. This will effectively
let the system find the feasible route among configured peers (it was
specially developed for the case where user is served at another
system). So you would need one peer for the overseas PBX. In peering
rules for that peer specify each subscriber's number as callee prefix,
or number at domain as callee pattern.

> directly – also, if the peer dials an extension number, how can I route
> that back to a specific subscriber of mine?)

This should work automatically once you have the peer configured. You
might need to add just a few simple rewrite rules.


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