[Spce-user] Diversion in message header

Weigelt, Martin m.weigelt at m.ccgmbh.de
Wed May 28 09:13:31 EDT 2014

To add a diversion header to calls forwarded local by sipwise I have just added append_headers="Diversion: <sip:$H(P-Acc-Caller-User)@$H(P-Acc-Caller-Domain)>;reason=\"$H(P-Acc-State)\"" in ngcp_cf.sbcprofile.conf  sems configuration. :)

(maybe I have also added some other stuff in kamailio configuration, can't remember anymore ;))

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I have a client with SPCE 2.8 that his provider in order to bill the diversion calls requires me to send a diversion message as it appears in image below :
[cid:image001.png at 01CF7A87.4F26A4E0]

In the diversion setting of the subscriber I've tried all the options but they tell me that this diversion message does not appear in the message header in the second invite when the call is trying to be diverted.

Any idea on how to include this parameter on the second invite when the call is diverted? Thanks in advance.

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