[Spce-user] CDR's problem

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Wed May 28 11:35:11 EDT 2014


Check the accounting.mark table, there should be an exporter entry with
the last id being exported, you can set this to the position where you
want the re-export to happen.

Sounds like you're running an older (2.x?) version, as newer versions
have a dedicated export_status and exported_at field in the cdr table,
which allows re-exporting on a more fine-grained level by resetting
those fields to NULL for the cdrs you want to re-export.


On 05/23/2014 05:53 PM, Pablo Muñoz-Cobo wrote:
> Hello guys:
> It turns out that we've realize today that one of our sipwise ce servers
> has stopped working properly with the cdr's. The exporter sends its
> empty and the cdr's do not appear on the subscriber's cdrs from that day.
> First i checked the rate-o-mat daemon which was down and after some
> digging and some changes on the database I managed myself  to bring it
> back up.
> Once with rate-o-mat back up i executed the cdr-exporter (expecting that
> the i could see the details of each subscriber cdrs in the web of this
> last two days and that the cdr info of these two days was stored into
> one only cdr file as happened to me once and other members of list
> regarding what i read but unfortunately the cdrs of these two days are
> still missing and obviously they don't appear in the web. This is the
> output:
> SIPWISECE2:/home/jail/home/cdrexport/201405/23# /usr/sbin/cdr-exporter
> +++ Start run with DB exporter at accounting to sipwise
> --- Starting CDR export with id > 828269
> ### 0 data lines written to
> /home/jail/home/cdrexport/201405/23/sipwise_004_20140523173607_0000036157.cdr.5835,
> checksum is 8b95ef5133080048ee49802826a83701
> ### successfully moved
> /home/jail/home/cdrexport/201405/23/sipwise_004_20140523173607_0000036157.cdr.5835
> to
> /home/jail/home/cdrexport/201405/23/sipwise_004_20140523173607_0000036157.cdr
> ::: Updated DB marks, all done.
> I guess there might be some trick to export from some particular id or
> something similar. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
> Cheers,
> Pablo
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