[Spce-user] Upgrade from v3.1 to v3.4.2

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed Oct 1 09:58:25 EDT 2014

Dear Joel,

Yes, it is possible way. I would recommend to use latest build for
each release (while builds contain fixes only):

3.1 -> mr3.2.2 -> mr3.3.2 -> mr3.4.2

On 01/10/14 15:54, Joel S. | VOZELIA wrote:
> We have to upgrade a CE installation from v3.1 to v3.4.2.
> Can someone tell me all the versions I have to go through?
> I think the upgrade path is:
> 3.1 -> 3.2.1 -> 3.3.1 -> 3.4.2
> Is this correct or am I skipping a required version in between?

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