[Spce-user] create trunk for an asterisk-PBX

Stephen Donovan Stephen at newbreakcommunications.com
Fri Oct 3 09:42:10 EDT 2014

We do this by creating a subscriber without an E.164 number, set a SIP URI and strong password even though its not used, Create a static registration for the server/device in the following format:  sip:username at ipaddress:5060  where username=username portion of SIP URI and ipaddress = ip address of client device.

Then under preferences, we add a * to allowed_clis, check the box for e164_to_ruri to ensure the DIDs pass properly to asterisk, then we add the customer ip address to Trusted Sources with protocol ANY with no From-Pattern.

Finally, we add all DIDs under Alias Numbers.  We do not put a E.164 number on the subscriber so there is no CLI set by default which will override whatever the asterisk box is sending.

While this may not be the most secure way to do this, to date, almost all of my asterisk instances are on our network and isolated from the world.  The few I have outside our organization are over VPN back to us - not exposed to the public internet.

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Hi all,

after a while my cpce is running fine - but i don't see how i can set up a "subscriber" in a trunk-form..?

I want an asterisk-based pbx let connect by ip- or user-authentication to my cpce and register a banch of numbers.. with my actual-configuration the alias-number is working as an alias, but the number is not shown on the asterisk..

anybody have an exaple-config for my problem?

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