[Spce-user] Sipwise with several IP address setup

Santiago Albanese santiago.albanese at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 05:39:24 EDT 2014

Thank you for replying. I've read the sipwise manual over and over. Where do
you recommend I look for additional information? Is it directly at Sems,
Kamalio products? Seems like I just need help to kick start my setup perhaps
someone can do it as a several hour consultancy endeavor.
The setup are kind of what big carriers are doing in our area (AT&T, CLARO).
I guess I can try to ask them if they can turn on authentication.
Any help is appreciated.

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El 16/10/2014 a las 4:21, Santiago Albanese escribió:
> I've been reading, testing...reading and testing...several times over. 
> I have a server that has 3 IP interfaces. One is public (where all 
> subscribers login), the other two are separate private IPs specific to 
> two peers (service providers). The problems is both providers don't 
> use authentication, just the specific IP which is a private link from 
> the provider, so all coming from that IP(Link) is trusted and taken as 
> authentic. The problem lies in that all calls from subscriber come 
> with the @public_IP and not the @private_IP that the carrier expects. 
> So I get a forbideen reply for all outgoing calls.

You have to tweek a little you config to get that running, you should bind
spce to that extra_ips , if your provider also need the RTP to come from
that private_ips, you will have to 'bridge' it.

> For incoming calls the SipWise sends a proxy authentication required, 
> and no calls come in.

That's because you have wrong setup the peers on spce

> Am I just too much of a newbie and missing something obvious or is it 
> a real issue? I can't imagine my setup is so unique, seems the norm.

It's not a real issue, it's a lack of knowleadge from you, also don't call
that scenario 'norm' ... it's not a normal scenario, it's what some
pseudo-carriers calls 'security', when they don't know what that means ...
:-( . Unfortunatetly I have seen lot of 'asterisk-based' service providers,
doing that kind of setup, private-links, VPN setups ... all 'in the name of

Best regards
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