[Spce-user] Emergency number management

Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana rabs at dimension-virtual.com
Thu Sep 25 04:32:58 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Does anyone have a guide about how to manage emergency calls?

I've been reading the spce manual about number manipulation with the
rewriting rules ... but doesn't fit what I need.

I have to translate every call to the 911|112 number, to a geograpical
number based on the customer_ac.

I have seen, that on mr3.4.1 version I'm testing, I could setup an
emergency_prefix, and emergency_suffix, based on each subscriber, but
are there any way to set that prefix based on the cc_ac?

I mean:

cc_cc = 34
cc_ac = 928

So setting emergency_prefix as 34928219030, and each timea a user with
928 as ac makes a call to 112 ... call get redirected to the
emergency_prefix number

Any hint? ... I've tryed why the inbound rewriting rules for caller
... to set the call as emergency_112, but then ... who do I translate
that on the outbound rewriting rules for caller to the
emergency_prefix BASED on the cc_ac ?

Best regards

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