[Spce-user] Upgrade problem

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Tue Sep 16 05:18:26 EDT 2014


Let me try to help you here.

Brief history:
  - Sipwise tracks DB and config updates using the simple scripts:
> https://github.com/sipwise/cfg-schema/tree/master/cfg_scripts/config
> https://github.com/sipwise/db-schema/tree/master/db_scripts/base
  - The information about already executed scripts are stored in MySQL 
tables ngcp.db_schema and ngcp.cfg_schema.
  - Having a lot of different products CE (community edition), PRO (for 
professional usage) and Carrier (for huge telecoms providers) we need to 
store information about the host of script execution (column "node").
  - Historically we wrote there hostname of the server, later we 
released CE edition and noticed the problem that users are renaming the 
servers after installation, as a result the value into field "node" 
doesn't match for real hostname.
  - So, previously we suggested users update value in (column 
"ngcp.db_schema.node" and "ngcp.cfg_schema.node" to appropriate values).
It produces another issues, like your one.
  - Finally we decided to stops using hostname there and introduced 
"nodename" (file which installed once and allows users easily renames 
> root at spce:~# cat /etc/ngcp_nodename
> spce
> root at spce:~#

Since that time new CE installations should have "spce" in 
"ngcp_nodename" as well as into field "node" of the tables above
> https://github.com/sipwise/installer/commit/f9b49eb1282b93c0e6cb60c71ad0755c9fa6178f

Also old systems (users manually changed "node" field in DB) should get 
DB update:
> https://github.com/sipwise/upgrade/commit/34a620fb6d484b2de16204930bf4ec0f9088431a

I suppose you have installed mr3.4.1 and updated "node" field manually 
some time ago.
So, to fix your issue just check that you have file "/etc/ngcp_nodename" 
with content "spce" and update DB:
> mysql -u root ngcp -e 'update db_schema set node = "spce"; update cfg_schema set node = "spce";'

and retry the DB/CFG upgrade part + apply new configs
> ngcp-update-db-schema &&  ngcp-update-cfg-schema &&   ngcpcfg apply

I hope it will bring some light on the issue for other users.
Since that time you can change the hostname anytime.

On 15/09/14 23:29, Sergey Kharlamov wrote:
> I have a new installation mr3.4.1
> Trying to do first update using command
> apt-get update && apt-get upgrade &&   ngcp-update-db-schema &&
> ngcp-update-cfg-schema &&   ngcpcfg apply
> I see the error:
> Applying revision script
> /usr/share/ngcp-db-schema/db_scripts/base/0070_not_replicated.up: ERROR
> 1050 (42S01) at line 2: Table 'acc_backup' already exists
> failed. :(
> Please resolve the problem and run ngcp-update-db-schema again.

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