[Spce-user] Cisco CallManager compatibility issue

Serge Yuriev me at nevian.org
Wed Aug 5 16:17:57 EDT 2015


We using but it’s not problem of NGCP itself.

We are facing some weird problem:
Our PBX (Cisco CallManager actually) sends INVITEs w/o SDP and answers with PRACK with SDP on any 180/183 response from the other side.
Our upstream in turn requires us to send SDP in INVITEs and not answers anything but 100.

After weeks of trials and fails the only way I can imagine is to simulate 183 towards CUCM and forward PRACK to upstream.
How we can achieve this? I suppose we should insert something like send_reply(183) somewhere in proxy config with header Required: 100rel

Serge S. Yuriev

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