[Spce-user] No rewrite on T.38 INVITE

Tristan Delsol tdelsol at qfast.nl
Fri Aug 14 04:55:10 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I'm currently testing an interconnect with a telco and ran in to an 
issue with faxing.
I have two SIP trunks to the telco. One for incoming calls and for 
outgoing calls.
I have rewrite rule sets from removing + sign for incoming calls and 
rewrite rule sets for adding + sign for outgoing calls

When I start a fax from behind the SPCE out to the telco everything goes 
normal, until I get an INVITE from the telco to switch to T.38.
The INVITE comes in but no rewrite is done on the number which leaves 
the + sign in front of the e164 number and SPCE doesn't recognize as a 
subscriber so the whole fax is cancelled.

Any idea how I can solve this one?


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