[Spce-user] No rewrite on T.38 INVITE

Tristan Delsol tdelsol at qfast.nl
Mon Aug 17 11:01:54 EDT 2015

Thanks for the info. I will experiment with that to see if it works.
Then I will check if we would really want that or not.


On 17-08-15 16:58, Andrew Pogrebennyk wrote:
> On 08/17/2015 03:39 PM, Tristan Delsol wrote:
>> They state that they don't support that format for the contact header.
>> They have it in the specs for the interconnect that the contact header
>> can only contain the following:
>> sip:+«ISN»@«ip-address/URL»:«port» with optional user=”phone”, so for
>> example sip:+31703434343 at domain.net:5060;user=”phone”.
>> Where
>> ISN: International Subscriber Number
>> port: UDP portnumber;
>> URL: Uniform Resource Locator: domain name;
>> Is it possible I can adjust the contact header for this kind of request
>> to keep the format as needed?
> Unfortunately this is not something you can easily achieve, but if you
> have some understanding of kamailio config scripts you can try to modify
> /etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/kamailio/lb/kamailio.cfg.tt2
> and disable the Contact masking completely, e.g. comment out all calls
> of ROUTE_MASK_CONTACT and ROUTE_UNMASK_CONTACT as a starting point.
> Then each side will receive the internal IP of b2b as Contact:
> sip:, which exposes your topology a bit to outside but
> still doesn't break the protocol. But we are not sending the number part
> which might be a problem for them (they didn't say that the number part
> is optional). Sorry I can't help you out more at this time.
> Regards,
> Andrew

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