[Spce-user] New sip:provider CE mr4.0.1 is now available

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed Aug 19 03:05:27 EDT 2015

Hi Serge,

Can you please rephrase your question.

mr4.* is planned to be migrated on Debian Jessie before the next LTS.
At the moment we have solved the dependencies issue which were blocking
us for migration. Still not all the components are ready for Jessie,
mostly it is related to PRO/CARRIER (heartbeat, glusterfs, monit, etc).
In the same time systemd init scripts are not ready for CE too.

So, it is not possible to install/use Jessie based SPCE out of the box.
While you can try update Debian from wheezy to jessie yourself on
already installed SPCE (keeping old init scripts, which systemd will use
in compatibility mode).

I hope it will bring more lite on progress here.
Also, you are welcome to help us with systemd init scripts for SPCE in
spce-dev@ maillist.
Thank you!

On 08/19/2015 08:56 AM, Serge Yuriev wrote:
> In release notes announced initial support for Jessie - can we step up already both spce and Debian or this undesirable way? For test purposes of course.
> If yes, that we should update first?

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