[Spce-user] Strip leading prefix on outbound calls

Greg Lipschitz Greg at thesummitgroup.com.au
Mon Aug 24 08:57:14 EDT 2015

Hi Alessandro

What you want is the following re-write rule;

Inbound Callee
Replacement: \2
Description: International to E164

You then need to apply your re-write rule to your domain.
This rule will then make calls from the Subscriber (on the applied Domain) to SIPWise into the E164 format.



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Subject: [Spce-user] Strip leading prefix on outbound calls

i’m following the documentation in order to get 00 or + from international calls stripped for the callee on outbound calls.

I tried this and many other rules but none of them is actually working:

Strip leading 00 or +
·        Match Pattern: ^(00|\+)([1-9][0-9]+)$
·        Replacement Pattern: \2
·        Description: International to E.164
So, i need that a call towards a number like this 0039075802849, where 0039 is the Italy international prefix, is presented to the peer like this 39075802849.

How can I do it?

Thanks in advance,

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