[Spce-user] Best Practice for Reseller Call Rating and Billing Profiles

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Sun Jan 18 09:04:28 EST 2015



i was thinking about the Rating and Billing feature last day and got some
questions for which i am not sure what would be the best practice methode
for doing it right.



I have one SPCE and want to rate my own company customers and subscribers
(Reseller A = the owner of the SPCE) and I also want to have one or more
resellers (Reseller B,C,D).


a.)    At a fresh install, SPCE creates a "default" Reseller. Should i
rename this Reseller to "Reseller A" and the contact details to the
informations of Reseller A or should I let the "default" Reseller
untouched and create a new "Reseller A" for my own company..?


b.)    If i create a Billing Profile for Reseller A, B, C, D (Note: not
for the subscribers of the resellers), who should be the owner of this
billing profile..? 

Should this the "default" Reseller or  should this "Reseller A".


c.)    Does i have any advances or disadvances by renaming or deleting the
"default" reseller and creating my own Reseller from it. 

It is better to give the reseller billing profiles to this "default"
reseller as to mix it with my own CDRs for my company..? (Thinking about
better seperating resellers).


d.)    As i can see in the CDR, there is just the "<source_provider_id>"
field,  for identify if the call comes from a reseller and from which

Is there also a option to integrate a "External ID of calling party
provider" to easierly use the CDR Export in 3rd party billing software..?


e.)    If I create a Billing Profile for Reseller B and the owner would be
the "default" reseller or "Reseller A", where would be the CDR for billing
the Reseller be created..? 

Would this be just written in the "System" CDRs or also in the CDR folder
of the reseller who is the owner of the Reseller Profile..?



I hope you can give me light in the darkness of questions about this ;)



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