[Spce-user] How to send SIP request on behalf of subscriber by using UAC module

Trường Giang giang.fet.hut at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 23:02:24 EST 2015

Hi everybody !
I'm currently using UAC module funtion : uac_reg_send to reINVITE
subscriber as follow :
$uac_req(method)= "INVITE";
$uac_req(callid)= $var(call_id);
$uac_req(furi)= $var(caller);
$uac_req(ruri)= $var(callee);
$uac_req(hdrs)= "Via: "+ $var(via) + "\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "CSeq: "+ $var(cseq) + "\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "Contact: "+ $var(contact) + "\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "From: "+ $var(from) + "\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "To: "+ $var(to) + "\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "Proxy-Authorization: "+
$var(proxy_authorization) + "\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "Content-Type: application/sdp\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "P-NGCP-Src-Ip: "+ $var(ip)+"\r\n";
$uac_req(hdrs)= $uac_req(hdrs) + "P-NGCP-Src-Port: "+ $var(port)+"\r\n";
$uac_req(body)= $var(body);
I'm following this scenario
A <---> Kamailio <---> Asterisk <---> B
When Kamailio reINVITE, B receives well but B recognize the source IP is
Kamailio's IP, meanwhile i want B to recognize the source IP is A's IP.
I tried to set headers such as : P-NGCP-Src-Ip and P-NGCP-Src-Port but no
Any idea ?
Thank you so much !
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