[Spce-user] configuring kamailio

Dario D Busso dbusso at sipwise.com
Mon Jan 12 00:30:19 EST 2015

You need to supply as username in the format username at domain, because you can have multiple subscribers with same username but different domain. Please check it.

Il 10 gennaio 2015 17:33:51 CET, Benjamin <pfbuyersclub at yahoo.com> ha scritto:
>Hi, being a newbie I have some questions and was hoping someone would
>help.  I installed sipwise ce ngcp outside of a virtual environment and
>was wondering if this could be the source of all my issues? Also I
>noticed that on updating it says my kamailio is not configured
>edit /etc/default/kamailio, only, their is nothing in there to edit.
>Any answers would be appreciated.  
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