[Spce-user] Control calls via Sip Provider CE for subscribers

Roberto Oliveira roberto.oliveira at tmco.com.br
Wed Jul 22 20:19:44 EDT 2015

Hi Daniel,

I am in the same situation as described by mzaika.

I have to say I found your solution way too complex for such a common

In my case,  this situation occurs because I have subscribers in premium
plans and subscribers in standard plans, each using different peers to
terminate the calls.

I have the feeling that in the long term your solution will make the
configuration very difficult to manage.

Also, the peering selection is related to an attribute of the caller and in
your solution you are using a prefix in the callee field to select the
peering server. So it is not very intuitive.

Haven't you consider using the billing profile as a parameter to select the
peering server?


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