[Spce-user] Max upload size csv file for billing fees

George Mason george.mason at xoomtalk.com
Wed Jul 1 06:47:56 EDT 2015

On 01/07/15 11:43, Gavin Sweet wrote:
> Anyone help me on this?
> (yes, splitting files is possible but its not really a solution)
> Thanks,
> Gavin
> On 30/06/2015 14:44, Gavin Sweet wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I am getting an error trying to upload a new billing fees csv file,
>> file size greater than 200K.
>> Is there a way to increase this file size limit? I have a file now at
>> nearly 5Mb, all are valid strings with different fees.
>> Cheers
>> Gavin
If you can get the CSV into the right format for the table, you could
import straight in, avoiding the web interface altogether:


I have done this on other systems when faced with the same issue with
good success.

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