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Julian Seifert js at dacor.de
Fri Jul 10 08:49:47 EDT 2015

Hi Daniel,

I'm really sorry about that, my mailclient crashed while writing the email and the second time 
I indeed completely forgot about resetting the subject. 

Regarding what's not working - in the images I linked the calls were not assigned to the configured zone, 
they seem to be "zoneless" and were also not billed (or billed with a 0 rate)
but the only zone existing for the reseller/customer is one with defaultrule style patterns (".") and
that should actually bill 0.5 € per minute. (just a random value for tests)

I'll take a deeper look into the mysql tables as you suggested to figure out why 
this happens.

kind regards,

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Hi again,

sorry to bother you again ;) now that our SIP-Peering is up and running we face another issue.
Our billing rules are not being applied correctly.

we have one single rule:
#    source desti  direction      zone
4         .          .         out            Default zone

(do not get distracted by the id - we had more rules earlier but
reduced it to this single rule)
This rule has for example "0.5" as cost for everything (on/offpeak etc.)

we created a billing-profile for our reseller (to which a test-customer
that makes the calls belongs to) and are using tis rule in the billing profile.

When we are doing some calls and are creating the bill for the customer
the calls and duration are listed correctly but the assignment/classification of the
calls to the zone(s) is not working apparently?

any ideas how to fix/change this?

kind regards,


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