[Spce-user] Rewrite Rule Problem kills my rate-o-mat

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Fri Jun 19 08:55:06 EDT 2015



today I found out this problem:


A subscriber with a Fritz!Box place a call to this number: "0136000*"

Rate o Mate stop working cause I can't find 013600* (the number with an
asterisk at the end) in the outbound fee profile.


So I checked the log files and found out, that also no rewrite rule was
used for this number.

Normally if I would call 0136000 it would rewrite it to 43136000 but if
there is an asterisk at the end no rewrite rule was used.


My rewrite rule for this is: 

^0([1-9][0-9]+)$    =>     ${caller_cc}\1



Must I extend to Rewrite Rule to ^0([1-9][0-9].+)$  that SPCE also rewrite
numbers with a * at the end? Or is there another solution?


Thanks for your help.  

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